Deluzio Christmas Family Photos

Deluzio Christmas Family Photos

It’s been way too long since I’ve had an opportunity to hang out with the Deluzios. They were able to come down and visit for the weekend to take some outdoor Christmas family photos. Joe, Sandra, Logan, and Ryan all looked so great and were able to take photos in record time in 48-degree weather. Poor Ryan’s nose started turning red from the cold, but the pictures came out even cuter so it worked out great for us. The cloudy skies were an excellent large softbox for the photos; we didn’t have to manipulate the light quite as much, a single flash as a catch light did the trick.

Christmas Family Photos

Family Christmas Portrait

The kids were just too darn cute!

Eek! Cooties!
Deluzio Christmas Family Photos

 The boys wanted to take some photos together.
You can tell Logan loves the camera.

Deluzio Christmas Family Portrait Pictures

Family Christmas Portrait

Not to be outdone, the girls opted for some photos as well, you can see just how excited Ryan was.Deluzio Christmas Family Portrait Pictures Deluzio Christmas Family Portrait Pictures

Nona was there and everyone opted for a silly faces photo!Deluzio Christmas Family Portrait Pictures

So how do you deal with Family photos on a cold day?
Mom comes to the rescue with some bubbles and some running to get nice and warm!Deluzio Christmas Family Portrait PicturesDeluzio Christmas Family Portrait Pictures

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